At the end of a long day you’re tired, but there’s more work to be done and that to-do list never seems to end. You keep telling yourself you’ll get to it when you have time, but the time never comes, does it? At the end of the day you may feel that your home isn’t quite the place of relaxation and peacefulness that you want it to be. Being a top domestic cleaning firm, Bright Cleaning Facilities can easily break this cycle for you and aid you in your day-to-day cleaning chores. We take pride in the exceptional and quality services we offer.

House Cleaning services include,

  • Spring Cleaning
  • End of lease/ move in/move out cleaning - 100% Bond back guaranteed for end of lease
  • Window cleaning
  • Pressure wash (Concrete areas on the outside of the property; including the driveway, steps, footpaths and concrete garage floor).
  • Carpet cleaning
  • General Cleaning – This includes,
    • ● Vacuuming carpet and sweeping
    • ● Mop all hard floor
    • ● Bathroom related cleaning
    • ● Remove cobwebs
    • ● Kitchen Cleaning
    • ● Dusting includes switch boards, edges/ceiling
    • ● Remove cobwebs
    • ● Spot clean wall marks
    • ● Cupboards (kitchen and bathroom)
    • ● Oven Cleaning

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